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Quick Facts

3 Bed, 2 Bath
Brand New Decks
Separate/Private Entrance & Patio for First-Level Master Bedroom

Master: $725
  • All Inclusive
  • Includes power, water and ULTRA High-Speed Internet
  • Individual Leases
2nd Bedroom: $650
  • All Inclusive
  • Includes power, water and ULTRA High-Speed Internet
  • Individual Leases
3rd Bedroom: $625
  • All Inclusive
  • Includes power, water and ULTRA  High-Speed Internet
  • Individual Leases

As you plan for college, it is also important to plan your housing needs. Whether your college or university has options to live on or off-campus, there are some benefits to be aware of when you decide that you want to live off campus. Below are a few reasons to live off-campus while attending UNCC.

Endless Options Are Nearby

While attending UNCC, it is good to know that you have options for housing and UNCC Condo is one of them. As you take a tour, you’ll see how you have your own individual room within a 3-bedroom condo. This is good as it splits the cost of the condo three ways without incurring the full cost of the condo. This allows you to have extra money in your pocket to enjoy with friends on the weekends.

Real-Life Experiences Are Achieved

When you move into your condo room at UNCC Condos, you are able to experience real life that college teaches you about. So when you live here, you can start to apply what you learn.

You Enjoy Increased Privacy

By having your own individual room, you can enjoy the privacy that comes with it. Plus, your guests can come and go without others needing to provide permission. You can also enjoy having pets, but it is a good idea to be aware of the pet policy first and what types of animals are permitted.

You Determine Your Living Situation

Living off-campus at UNCC Condos allows you to decide if you want to live alone or have some friends live with you in their very own room too. This is a great way to live on your own while enjoying the company of your friends.

The Space Is Superior

When you take a tour of UNCC Condos you will see how spacious the condo is and enjoy seeing the spacious kitchen that the condo provides. When you have your own kitchen to cook it is a real way to save money by not eating out much.

Relaxed Rules

While there will be rules, you are able to set your own rules for your individual room, if you so desire. When you have others living in the adjoining bedrooms, you all can come together and have specific rules made for common areas so that respect is maintained for all parties.

Amenities Are Close By

When you live off-campus you are able to take advantage of amenities in the community. This means you can easily walk to shopping centers and sources to enjoy entertainment, such as movie theaters.

The Benefits Will Amaze You At UNCC Condos

Living at UNCC Condos in Charlotte affords the student with many benefits to take advantage of. Designed with UNCC students in mind, UNCC Condos have four locations that are a short distance to campus. The floor condos all have updated kitchen, hardwood flooring, ceramic tiling, and new appliances. In order to ensure that safety of all students, UNCC Condos employs video surveillance and security 24/7 as well as emergency maintenance available day or night.

Here at UNCC Condos, we understand how difficult it is to juggle classes along with expenses. For this reason, UNCC Condos offer their leases with power, water, cable, and internet included.